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Hello! This is Elphelt! I'm not available right now. I might be at class, or asleep, or maybe I'm on a date. That would be nice.

Oh! If I'm asleep, please don't bother me. It's... not very polite.
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Manipulation of hormones, accompanying high levels of charisma. Elphelt is able to intentionally influence the opinions others have of her by shooting the equivalent of a psychic bullet at them. The extreme result of this is making them (albeit temporarily) fall in love with her, or at least in intense like.

Previously, this was highly uncontrolled and more of an aura sort of ability, but something she hopes to do at the Institute is to learn to control it completely. Its strength has increased with her confidence, and the happier and more excited she is, the stronger its potential influence. As it stands, she does lose some control of it and its activation and a more general, area-wide effect of moderate strength may still occur.

Its effects are not at all permanent, and last only a few minutes at most. People with particularly weak resistance, physical ailments, or a natural inclination to fall for people will find themselves more influenced than usual.

Criteria: Others may avoid the influence of this either by calming her down or by simply having a naturally or situationally opposing constitution to the hormones or emotions she targets. People who already like her or who are good friends with her are either particularly susceptible or almost entirely unaffected, up to the player's discretion. This may vary at any given time as plot/situation necessitates.

Opt-out: Can be situational or blanket. People who are good friends with her are less likely to be effected overall, but you may choose NOT to be resistant as desired.

Please comment below to opt out, or to discuss/update possible efficacy and influence. It is an ever-changing and malleable power, so discussion is encouraged!
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Height: 168 cm
Blood type: A Mystery to All
Weight: [Dream] kg
Place of Birth: Unknown
Birthday: 12/25
Hobbies: Talking about matters of love, impersonating bush dogs
Likes: Smiling, Her piggy bank shaped like a bush dog, all sorts of sweets
Dislikes: Yucky bugs in general, killing, loneliness


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